Friday Feb, 02- Rockphoto Landed in LA— so with just 5 hrs to spare, we headed to VENICE BEACH, what other place would it be , right? (we had been at Disneyland, hollywood blvd and the In N’ Out Burgers before)

As first timers in this wonderfull place (some would prefer the word loco or weird ) we were  amazed by the brivant atmosphere and seducted by its constant buzz as we walked on the beach, surfed the main street and immerged our senses in the local smells, colors, shades and flavors of culture, food, music and emotions of the place…  Imagine a person living on a desert island, arriving to civilization for the first time in VENICE Beach,  that was us…. VENICE,  YOU FUCKING ROCK.

Photos include DRSL and mobile. Photos by Bracho @RockPhotoMx



Non Mobile->


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