Dog Union with BChaos

Guadalajara—  Anexo Independencia

Support Local Music …  Enjoy, comment, share…

Couple of weeks ago, another metal night in the  local pit… good friends -Dog Union and BChaos-, cold beers, sweat and some good tunes later here you have the pics…

  • Rob gave us the finger
  • Angel had a new haircut and red vans
  • Cexar was recovering from a broken wrist
  • Barbas drank Miller
  • Brujo Smiled
  • Butch Jumped
  • Roy made faces
  • Jürgen growled…
  • Daniel barbon took selfies (he manages BC instagram account)
  • Troll was using a Canon -(farewell Nikon)-
  • First gig with my new Rokinon 14mm AF… I love the damn thing now…



Documented by the Troll and (me) the Bourbon Priest (Aka Rev B)…. yes, you got it right… Mr. Albridge was scratching his mighty nuts while drinking cold beer and bourbon (straight).

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