Quiet Riot

Nov 15th, 2018,  GDL, MX

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What a great night–

A life debt was paid

A fan was born

Lots of beers were drank

3 Fans meet the band (Wago, MAD & B )


QR was in back in town after 34 years!, I was there the first time, one little skinny kid already hooked by metal music.

After I saw the add on the local paper (yes news paper that is) I freaked out and asked nearly all members of the family to take me to the show… no one liked that stuff back then (still they do not)… but wait, uncle Alvaro (rest in peace) took me to the concert. What a night it was, my first mayor rock/metal live show.

34yrs later, I took his son (my cousin Wago) to the see the same band … and by doing so, paying a life debt.

Cheers uncle.

OCT 25th 1984- Jalisco Stadium  Set list



Documented by Bracho @Rockphotomx on iPhone 8 while the other 2 PhotoRockers were god know where.



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